Hammer Unions

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Feature 01

Machines are built on modular structure, in combination of Blocks and do not require any special foundation.


Feature 02

Better productivity due to higher drawing speeds, twist-free operation & better cooling.


feature 03

Easy operation and faster threading


Feature 04

High pressure Narrow gap, internal water cooling for high efficiency cooling of wire.


Feature 05

High degree of reliability, low downtime due to lower no. of wear parts.


feature 06

Much better finish wire quality due to a gentler handling of the wire during the drawing process (less wire deviations, low torsion etc.) as well as an optimized wire cooling.


Feature 07

Highly effective pneumatic braking system in case of emergency.


Feature 08

Better environmental conditions due to increased dust protection.


feature 09

Greater flexibility and lower current consumption due to modern AC drive technology and efficient power transmission system.


feature 10

PLC based control with profibus digital communication and fault diagnostic system.

About Hammer Unions


Hammer Unions

  • The material for the Hammer Union conforms to the requirements of ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12, ASTM A-105 ASTM A29
  • Our Hammer Union conforms to the following standards: ISO, DNV, and API

Contact UVI for exact dimensional/technical information

  • The NPT threads conform to ASME 20.1

Optional Fitment:

  • Stripper Block
  • Rotating Die Boxes
  • Motorized Soap Applicator Die Boxes
  • Die less drawing trough Rolling Cassette
  • Laser wire diameter measurement system
  • Dust Suction System
  • Online Modem based PLC support

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